Dateline August 1, Detroit, MI,

We film the Detroit Youth Choir


Michael Finan, Rick Weiss

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We’re sitting in the Marygrove College, home of America’s Got Talent finalist The Detroit Youth Choir. Jim Papoulis has been working with members of the choir to hone the lyrics to Will You Hear Me Now?

Technology involved, a musical keyboard and a very low tech white board where the kids under Jim’s guidance have been fashioning the Chorus, Bridge and Verses of the song.

Once they got the second verse down, they moved into the performance space to practice.

It’s exciting to watch Jim and Anthony work with the kids putting this choral performance together.

The Next Day

We’re at Pearl Sound Studios under the direction of sound engineer, Chuck Alkazian, in a three hour session in which they laid tracks.

Pearl has a generous sound stage with ample room for Jim conducting with Anthony’s support, Chuck’s audio mix and Cyrus Duff our videographer moving freely and capturing the performance coming together.

And afterwards, of course, there was plenty of pizza. Pizza has become a critical element in the production and postproduction of “Will You Hear Me Now?”.

Future blog posts we’re considering will feature content like interviews with Anthony White and other people enriching the lives of young people, more adventures in capturing interviews, recording and producing the song and some exciting plans for the music that we want to keep under wraps just for now. Watch this space!!!

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